Twitter: Make Yourself Heard

Once upon a time it was easy to gain followers and make yourself heard on Twitter.  However, as the social media sit has grown it has become more and more difficult to attract followers and maximize your account.  Twitter went from being the largest online cocktail party to a full on rave.  Long gone are the days when you could just show up and be noticed.  You now need to make concerted efforts to be noticed.  Twitter is growing at an average of eleven accounts per second.  It has become the go to social media site for the latest breaking news and making your voice heard.  Here are some tips about how to optimize your Twitter account.

Simplicity and Visibility

The beauty of Twitter is its simplicity.  It has garnered the majority of its popularity from its ease of use and its ability to be the first place to go for breaking news.  In a world where everyone is connected, being simple and being first are the most important factors to being popular.  Twitter is also a great place to make your company visible.  Be sure to keep you twitter page simple and update it regularly.

Keep it Real

Avoid overly rehearsed company lines.  They are bland and unlikely to attract any attention.  Be sure to use a real personality and real voice when you are sending tweets.  If you sound robotic people will assume you are nothing more than a spambot and likely will ignore you and move on.  Do not be afraid to mix in a couple personal tweets amongst your business related ones.  Unlike other social media site, twitter requires that you be somewhat entertaining to attract followers.  Be sure to use a professional image as your photo and be sure that your name is the title of your page.

Tweet Structure

A good blueprint to follow for your tweets to keep them professional is to begin with a headline or phrase, then post a link, and finish the tweet with a hashtag keyword.  Hastags are used to highlight key words or phrases.  Some simple rules to remember about hashtags are:

1. Never being a tweet with a hashtag, it sounds robotic.

2. Try not to use more than three hashtags per tweet

3. Be sure that your hashtags reflect the subject area you are discussing

It is important to remember that this format is not perfect.  You really need to just start tweeting and find a style that works for you.

Retweet Strategy

Retweeting is the act of forwarding someone else’s tweet to your followers.  The way in which you retweet is an important part of your optimization strategy.  Reserve the retweet button only for the highest level of influences.  You can also cut and paste the tweet into your own and being it with the initials RT.  If you want to get sourced by Google be sure to retweet a popular tweet so your name becomes associated with it.

Twitter Favorites

If you wish to save a tweet you like for later click the little star in the corner of the tweet.  When highlighted yellow, it is saved as one of your favorites.  If someone tweets something nice about you, your company, or your brand, be sure to favorite it so it gets saved and is not lost to the vast search history of twitter.  Favorited tweets will be easier for other to find and view.


Twitter is one of the largest and most influential social networks in existence.  Its beauty is in its simplicity and ease of use.  It has been lauded as the new source for news.  The key to optimizing your Twitter account is to remain real.  People come to Twitter for web based interaction with other people.  There is nothing more annoying than stumbling across mass spam tweets generated by some companies computer.  It does not reflect well on the company and only helps to build ill will.  Be sure to keep you tweets professional but real.  A personal tweet mixed in every now and then lets the rest of the Twitterverse know that there is a person behind your account.  Be sure to use hashtags and retweets to your advantage.  Whatever the market is you are trying to become involved in, learn the hashtag lingo to get noticed.  If a tweet is going viral, retweet it to associate yourself with it.  As Twitter continues to grow, it takes more work to keep your account optimized.  These tips are several ways to help grow your following.

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