Social Media Optimaization: Faebook


It seems that everyone and everything these days has a Facebook page.  For businesses looking to capitalize on advertisement revenue. there are several ways to make Facebook work for you.  No matter what you want to get out of optimizing your Facebook page there are several easy features that can be utilized.  By utilizing these features to your advantage you can represent  your brand in the best way possible.  In the ever changing world of internet marketing it is always important to stay one step ahead of the competition.  By utilizing these steps you will ensure that the message you want your brand to reflect is properly presented to your targeted clientele.


1. Featured Photos

Pictures are, and always have been, a staple of Facebook success.  Utilizing them correctly can be an invaluable asset to optimizing your Facebook page.  Any photo that you upload to Facebook automatically appears in the featured photo feed at the top of your page.  The featured photo page is a list of five pictures that will change every time someone lands on your page.  This can be utilized in various creative ways for branding purposes.  However, you need to keep in mind that the photos change order randomly every time a visitor views your page.  Because of this you need to be careful that the photos project the same message no matter what order they are viewed in.  Pictures are uploaded to the strip whenever you upload them.  Images you add to your wall as part of a status update are also automatically added to the featured photos.  To delete them from the strip you must click on them as they appear.  They will be removed from the featured photos but not your albums.

2. The Left Side Links Panel

Every Facebook page has a panel of links that run vertically along the left side of the screen.  When clicked they open an application right in your Facebook page.  Every page comes with three default application links: wall, info, and photos.  Of those three only “photos” is removable.  You can install as many other applications as you would like.  You can create applications using iframes.  It is important to keep in mind that only eight applications will be viewable when a visitor first arrives at your page.  The rest will be listed “below the fold” under a “more” button.  You will want make sure that your most important applications are listed prominently above the “more” button to ensure easy access by the user.

3.  Rolling Feedback

When you are logged in as an administrator, Facebook makes it very easy to view feedback on everything you post.  This allows you to spot trends of interaction on your page by content type, time of day, or frequency.  The numbers will not show for roughly twelve hours after you post the content.  Once an initial level of popularity of the content has been determined that number will change over time reflecting how that item is trending.

4. Featured Links

Under the left hand links panel there is a section of five featured links.  This will display up to five other brand pages that you have “liked”.  Facebook altered the way it approaches brands.  You can now log in and browse Facebook as either an individual from your personal account or logged in as an administrator of your brand page.  This offers brands the opportunity to interact as individuals.  Brand pages can now like certain things and leave comments.  This gives you the opportunity to express the voice of your brand, allowing you to represent your brand in the best way possible.  It is possible for you to set five links that you have like to be featured so they do not randomly rotate.  This is an excellent way to associate your brand with other pages.

5. Wall Tab Layouts can be Different

Facebook allows administrators to choose the default wall layout that their visitors will view.  Administrators can choose between “Most Recent” or “Page”.  The “Most Recent” setting shows all posts made in chronological order.  The “Page” setting shows only posts made by the administrator of the page.  Many brands opt to use the “Page” setting.  Allowing any random fan to post on the brands wall can lead to clutter and associate the brand with unwanted opinions.  However, as the administrator, by setting the default view to “Page” you do not entirely erase what your fans post.  You can still view their posts by clicking into the “Most Recent” feed.  It is important that you stay on top of this feed.  You need to interact with fan attempting to communicate with you.


In today’s world dominated by social media it is important to come up with a strategic plan to optimize your business across these social networks.  Facebook is the most prominent social network in the world and offers a variety of options for people looking to build and market their brand.  These are simply several helpful tips to help you achieve better internet marketing.  It is important that you investigate all that Facebook has to offer businesses.  When you are first creating you brand’s page experiment and play around with different settings.  Be sure to stay on top of your page and add new content.  Nothing will hurt your brand more than becoming stale and outdated.  Their are millions of users on Facebook.  If you use the platform right it is a great way to expand your brand.

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