Optimizing Google+


With the explosion of social media site it was only a matter of time before internet giant Google threw its hat into the ring.  Google+ was launched as the social media arm of Google.  It was received quietly, not much of a surprise in an internet landscape where social media has been dominated by the ever present giant Facebook.  However, Google+ has gained momentum lately prompting attempts by many businesses to optimize their presence on this internet giant’s social media website.  Google+ offers a platform different from that of Facebook.  It is a more adult version, focused on professionals and businesses.  This offers the perfect opportunity for some serious marketing potential.  There are several key things you should be aware of when working to optimize your presence on Google+.

Brand Name as the Page Title

When optimizing you Google+ site it is extremely important to include the name of your product in the title of the page.  Title tags are very important and carry a lot of weight in search engine optimization.  Include a casual keyword in you Google+ name section.  Refrain from using keywords that may shame you whenever you use your Google+ page account to comment on something.

Meta Description

Your Meta description is the description that appears directly below your brand name.   You should include your keywords inside to help you rank better for those keywords in Google+’s “Search Plus Your World”.

Introduction Section

The introduction serves as the body of your Google+ page.  This section is where you should put all the information you want other people to know about your company.  You should also include your primary keywords in a way that is strategically subtle.  Be sure you also take advantage of the section’s ability to let you write in a bulleted format making your section more reader-friendly.


The photos section allows you to post up to five main photos that visitors to your site will see whenever they visit.  This gives you the chance to upload photos with your keys words in them.  It will also give you profile a clean and complete look.  be sure to include professional photos.  Save the personal ones for Facebook.

Recommended Links

The recommended links section allows you to post any link you like.   In order to optimize your Google+ page, I advise putting in links up that are only directly relevant to your Google+ Page and keywords. Put in links to your other social network profiles, blog, website, or resources.  The recommended links section is a great way to build brad recognition through your social network.

Update Frequently

Be sure to keep the content on your Google+ page fresh.  Try to update it at least once every two days.  If people see that there is something happening on your Google+ page, it indicates that it is active.  Google will also notice that there is something going on with your Google+ page and chances are, that will help move you up in the “Search Plus Your World” results.

Promote your Google+ Page

For Google= to be any use at all you need to grow your circle.  You need to find people to add you up.  The more people in your circle, or who give you plus ones, will move you up in the search results.  This is the most important thing to do when attempting to optimize your Google+ page.

Google+ plus, like all social networks, is a tool that you must make work for you.  it requires understanding and attention to fully master.  These tips are only several things you can do to try to optimize your account.  To take full advantage of the social network you need to be active.  While you are creating your account take the time to experiment with different settings.  Make you page look professional and attractive.  Be sure that reflects the message you want to sending about your brand.  All of the tips laid out above are great for getting page views, but once you get people to your site you need the information to be readily available.  Do not bore your visitors with a long, mundane, introduction.  Keep it short and sweet.  Be sure that your use of key words is not obvious.  Google+ can be an invaluable tool for internet marketing and advertising.  To fully harness its utility you need to work hard and smart to master it.


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