Hey Youtube: Get Optimized

Youtube is a great way to get noticed.  Youtube offers a variety of important functions.  It is the new way for people to watch highlights, listen to music, or watch informative teaching videos to learn how to do anything from play guitar to knit a sweater.  According to statistics there are over forty-eight hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minuet of the day.  With this astounding number of videos in the Youtube database how are yours ever going to be discovered?  The answer is you need to optimize you Youtube channel and videos making them easier for the average web user to find.  Here are some simple tips to help you make your videos more accessible.

Optimizing Your Youtube Channel

To optimize your Youtube channel begin by opening the channel settings tab.  Once there, be sure that the title of your company is included your channel’s name.  This will make the channel self-explanatory and easy to find.  Next, be sure to check the visibility blip so that your channel will be visible to others.  Check the email box so that people can find your Youtube channel via your email address.  Next is the most important part of Youtube channel optimization.  You need to set your channel tags by choosing three to five keywords you want to target for your channel.  Make sure these keywords are the same ones you use on your website and that they are relevant to your business.  Then  deal with the theme and colors of your channel.  This has no direct bearing on optimization, but it is important that your channel look professional.

You need to add these three modules for optimization: commenting, subscriptions, and friends.  You can feel free to add any other modules you like but those three are necessary to optimize your channel.  When setting the “Videos and Playlists” tab, always select the “My Uploaded Videos” option in the featured content box, set one of your videos as the featured video, and check the box to play the featured video automatically.

Under your profile be sure to use your business name for the name of your profile.  Use the exact URL of any other websites your business has under the website section.  In your channel description, summarize the content of the channel, and include a link to your company’s Facebook and/or Twitter page.  In the “About Me” section, it is important to give a brief description of the company using the keywords you want to target.

Optimizing Your Youtube Videos

The most important part of optimizing your Youtube videos is to create high-quality, entertaining, and engaging content.  Create and choose content that is related to the keywords you want to target.  Be sure that names of your video always end with the word “video”.  It is also very helpful to include your company name in the video title.  The description of the video should include the website URL of your company’s website.  Mention the company name after the URL.  Make certain that you include three to five keywords in the video description.  Include links to the company’s Facebook and/or Twitter page at the very end of the video description.  The video tags are very important for video optimization.  You will need to choose three to five keywords you want to target.  When creating the tags separate each keyword by quotation marks.

Youtube is a huge library of videos that is accessed by millions of people every day.  If you are interested in tapping into this immense group of consumers, all you need to do is make and post some high-quality advertisements and videos.  Once on Youtube, you need to be sure that people can find your company’s page among the ever increasing glut of videos and channels.  To do this simply follow the steps outlined above.  Create a professional, clean, looking channel and fill it with videos about your business.  Youtube is a cheaper way to advertise than television.  With a little bit of work there is no reason that people will not be flocking to your channel, learning about your company, and enjoying your videos.


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Landing an Interview

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