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Youtube is a great way to get noticed.  Youtube offers a variety of important functions.  It is the new way for people to watch highlights, listen to music, or watch informative teaching videos to learn how to do anything from play guitar to knit a sweater.  According to statistics there are over forty-eight hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minuet of the day.  With this astounding number of videos in the Youtube database how are yours ever going to be discovered?  The answer is you need to optimize you Youtube channel and videos making them easier for the average web user to find.  Here are some simple tips to help you make your videos more accessible.

Optimizing Your Youtube Channel

To optimize your Youtube channel begin by opening the channel settings tab.  Once there, be sure that the title of your company is included your channel’s name.  This will make the channel self-explanatory and easy to find.  Next, be sure to check the visibility blip so that your channel will be visible to others.  Check the email box so that people can find your Youtube channel via your email address.  Next is the most important part of Youtube channel optimization.  You need to set your channel tags by choosing three to five keywords you want to target for your channel.  Make sure these keywords are the same ones you use on your website and that they are relevant to your business.  Then  deal with the theme and colors of your channel.  This has no direct bearing on optimization, but it is important that your channel look professional.

You need to add these three modules for optimization: commenting, subscriptions, and friends.  You can feel free to add any other modules you like but those three are necessary to optimize your channel.  When setting the “Videos and Playlists” tab, always select the “My Uploaded Videos” option in the featured content box, set one of your videos as the featured video, and check the box to play the featured video automatically.

Under your profile be sure to use your business name for the name of your profile.  Use the exact URL of any other websites your business has under the website section.  In your channel description, summarize the content of the channel, and include a link to your company’s Facebook and/or Twitter page.  In the “About Me” section, it is important to give a brief description of the company using the keywords you want to target.

Optimizing Your Youtube Videos

The most important part of optimizing your Youtube videos is to create high-quality, entertaining, and engaging content.  Create and choose content that is related to the keywords you want to target.  Be sure that names of your video always end with the word “video”.  It is also very helpful to include your company name in the video title.  The description of the video should include the website URL of your company’s website.  Mention the company name after the URL.  Make certain that you include three to five keywords in the video description.  Include links to the company’s Facebook and/or Twitter page at the very end of the video description.  The video tags are very important for video optimization.  You will need to choose three to five keywords you want to target.  When creating the tags separate each keyword by quotation marks.

Youtube is a huge library of videos that is accessed by millions of people every day.  If you are interested in tapping into this immense group of consumers, all you need to do is make and post some high-quality advertisements and videos.  Once on Youtube, you need to be sure that people can find your company’s page among the ever increasing glut of videos and channels.  To do this simply follow the steps outlined above.  Create a professional, clean, looking channel and fill it with videos about your business.  Youtube is a cheaper way to advertise than television.  With a little bit of work there is no reason that people will not be flocking to your channel, learning about your company, and enjoying your videos.


Length of Time for Bankruptcy and Tenancy

For an apartment manager who has a potential tenant who has applied who has revealed that they went through a bankruptcy proceeding, the tenant credit check could have revealed that the incident was quite a few years in the past and that the financial problems have since been fixed. Bankruptcy stays on a credit report for a decade, but the problem is that it usually forces a person to move out of their home and into alternative accommodations. This means that getting into an apartment after going through bankruptcy can be difficult or even impossible due to credit checks.

Optimizing Truck Capacity

There are a number of ways that a truck can be expanded as far as its capacity is concerned and often it's a good idea to figure out whether light trucks San Antonio might be sufficient for a particular job or whether something that might be a little more heavy duty would be the best way to go. When the capacity of a truck is enhanced, things like the gas mileage go down and it might even be necessary to get the vehicle serviced more often because of the heavy use expected of the vehicle.

Landing an Interview

Some people have been seeking job for quite a while and it can be frustrating to look through job listings and not find an interview for many months. Sometimes an industry is heavily reliant upon recommendations, and this means that getting an elusive job interview starts with knowing someone. Other interviews might only come after an initial phone call where a candidate must prove him or herself to the company so as to be rewarded with an interview. Companies today often restrict how many interviews are given out at any one time to avoid wasting time with too many interviews.

Improving Flight Experiences

There are a lot of ways that the average airline commuter or business person might be able to improve their experience in the air, and often checking on Fly the Valley to see which airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi connections is a great way to ensure that a person doesn't have to be cut off from the world during a flight. By having access to the internet during a flight, an individual should be able to remain productive on a flight and it shouldn't matter as much if there's a long layover because the individual will be getting things done.

Coordinating PR and Marketing

Marketing projects today do require some thought regarding how the PR machine will work with different promotional elements, and it's often important to make sure that the overall plans for each segment of marketing, promotion, and anything else that gets a company's name out into the open work in a cooperative manner. A marketing plan must consider how the image of the company is going to share with the public and customers.  Visit www.alpaytac.com for the best PR firm tactics and information on how to make sure that marketing plans always take into account the important aspects of classic PR and promotion.

Designing New Marketing Plans

Small businesses are notorious for failing to create a marketing plan that actually includes marketing to promote new projects, and when an individual decides to speak with Sure Payment Solutions about financing for businesses, one of the best ways to figure out how to increase profits is to look at a new promotional angle. This might include obtaining funding for projects like online marketing campaigns or a traditional marketing campaign, such as a radio spot or perhaps a television commercial.  Promotional efforts that take advantage of traditional and new marketing opportunities are very nearly always a good investment.

Choosing Compression for Music Mastering

Compression rates remain an interesting subject in the world of online mastering  and it's a topic that often coincides with discussions on what volume a track needs to be played back to figure out the best way to mix it. It would follow that a track meant for play in a loud venue would need to be mixed with loudness in mind, but sometimes this method actually creates a less interesting sounding track. Sometimes it's best to consider that the distortion that might come from playing something loud as it was meant to be heard would require a separate venue.

Jun 29

Well over one hundred million people now have profiles on the professional social network LinkedIn.  It has proved to be an extremely useful site for both people on the job hunt and their prospective employers.  With so many people active on LinkedIn and the numbers of people joining growing exponentially everyday you need to ensure that your profile stands out and attracts employers.  Research shows that 87% of companies use LinkedIn in some fashion for recruiting.  With all those employers searching LinkedIn’s database it is even more imperative that your profile stand out for the right reasons.  But how, with so many other users, can you make your profile stand out to prospective employers?  Here are some simple tips to help your profile stand out from the rest.


1. Profile Headings: Simple and Direct

The headline on a LinkedIn page is one line of text that appears directly under your name and in search results.  Do not use overworked buzz words in your headline such as “game changer” or “change agent”.  Your headline does not need to include your job title but it does need to be clear and concise.  Get to the point, remember you are trying to sell yourself.  Use the headline to promote qualities you offer.  Position yourself for relevant job opportunities without over-inflating your experience.

2. Summery and Experience

It is important to remember that people are going to scan your profile the same way they would a news story.  You do not want to write a novel.  Put all the important facts at the beginning of your profile section.  Answer the questions: who, what, when, why and how.  Point to past results and quantify your job record to validate your profile.  Underneath the summary is a section for specialties.  This area frequently contains keywords used to make profiles findable.  Do not over-stuff this section with keywords.  Recruiters will recognize that instantly and immediately pass over your profile.  Interests will be placed further down the page so spend more time dealing with the top sections and worry about them last.

3. Recommendations

Do not go overboard on recommendations.  It is important to have several good, well written, recommendations on your page but you do not want to overdo it.  You should focus on the most current or best recommendations and hide extras to prevent clutter on your profile.  Recommendations are too easy to obtain and usually very generic and  not insightful.  If you are just beginning your career, try to obtain one or two recommendations from professors, classmates or current colleagues.  If your experience as a summer lifeguard is not relevant to your current job search, ask your contacts to speak about your work ethic and character rather than life guard skills.

4. Connections and Groups

People accept almost all connection requests on LinkedIn.  You never know who is going to be the connection that leads you to your next opportunity.  Also search results are sorted by the closest to furthest degrees of connection.  So the more connections you have the closer you will be to the top of the pile when your connections perform searches.  To raise visibility among your connections, share news about the industry or relevant companies. Be sure to join several professional groups that interest you. Recruiters often comb through groups in search of prospects.  Answering questions or participating in discussions shows that you possess expertise and are eager for engagement.


LinkedIn has become one of the most popular social media websites on the internet.  If you are looking for professional contacts you would be a fool not to create a profile.  However, like most other social media sites, LinkedIn has grown at an exponential rate.  It is becoming evermore difficult to stand out and be noticed by potential employers as the glut of competition continues to grow.  It is important to take steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile.  If you do not work to make yourself stand out and appear attractive to employers, there is no point in creating a profile at all.  It is not that difficult to stand out on LinkedIn.  You do not want to pack your site with volumes of needless information.  Keep your profile clean, professional and streamlined.  If you follow these tips, you will be one step closer to being discovered in the professional career you always dreamed of!

How to Plan a Workshop

Just about everyone has been involved in a workshop experience that didn't feel as valuable as it should have. A variety of factors may influence whether a workshop is valuable, and often a presentation-style workshop that doesn't have a lot of activities for the participants is one of the reasons why the experience isn't as valuable as it could be. With help from http://www.wehelptrainers.com and some ingenious planning, it's possible to plan a workshop in the right venue and that will feature instruction and activities from great instructors. One of the biggest influences in a successful workshop is in the planning. 

Jun 29

Once upon a time it was easy to gain followers and make yourself heard on Twitter.  However, as the social media sit has grown it has become more and more difficult to attract followers and maximize your account.  Twitter went from being the largest online cocktail party to a full on rave.  Long gone are the days when you could just show up and be noticed.  You now need to make concerted efforts to be noticed.  Twitter is growing at an average of eleven accounts per second.  It has become the go to social media site for the latest breaking news and making your voice heard.  Here are some tips about how to optimize your Twitter account.

Simplicity and Visibility

The beauty of Twitter is its simplicity.  It has garnered the majority of its popularity from its ease of use and its ability to be the first place to go for breaking news.  In a world where everyone is connected, being simple and being first are the most important factors to being popular.  Twitter is also a great place to make your company visible.  Be sure to keep you twitter page simple and update it regularly.

Keep it Real

Avoid overly rehearsed company lines.  They are bland and unlikely to attract any attention.  Be sure to use a real personality and real voice when you are sending tweets.  If you sound robotic people will assume you are nothing more than a spambot and likely will ignore you and move on.  Do not be afraid to mix in a couple personal tweets amongst your business related ones.  Unlike other social media site, twitter requires that you be somewhat entertaining to attract followers.  Be sure to use a professional image as your photo and be sure that your name is the title of your page.

Tweet Structure

A good blueprint to follow for your tweets to keep them professional is to begin with a headline or phrase, then post a link, and finish the tweet with a hashtag keyword.  Hastags are used to highlight key words or phrases.  Some simple rules to remember about hashtags are:

1. Never being a tweet with a hashtag, it sounds robotic.

2. Try not to use more than three hashtags per tweet

3. Be sure that your hashtags reflect the subject area you are discussing

It is important to remember that this format is not perfect.  You really need to just start tweeting and find a style that works for you.

Retweet Strategy

Retweeting is the act of forwarding someone else’s tweet to your followers.  The way in which you retweet is an important part of your optimization strategy.  Reserve the retweet button only for the highest level of influences.  You can also cut and paste the tweet into your own and being it with the initials RT.  If you want to get sourced by Google be sure to retweet a popular tweet so your name becomes associated with it.

Twitter Favorites

If you wish to save a tweet you like for later click the little star in the corner of the tweet.  When highlighted yellow, it is saved as one of your favorites.  If someone tweets something nice about you, your company, or your brand, be sure to favorite it so it gets saved and is not lost to the vast search history of twitter.  Favorited tweets will be easier for other to find and view.


Twitter is one of the largest and most influential social networks in existence.  Its beauty is in its simplicity and ease of use.  It has been lauded as the new source for news.  The key to optimizing your Twitter account is to remain real.  People come to Twitter for web based interaction with other people.  There is nothing more annoying than stumbling across mass spam tweets generated by some companies computer.  It does not reflect well on the company and only helps to build ill will.  Be sure to keep you tweets professional but real.  A personal tweet mixed in every now and then lets the rest of the Twitterverse know that there is a person behind your account.  Be sure to use hashtags and retweets to your advantage.  Whatever the market is you are trying to become involved in, learn the hashtag lingo to get noticed.  If a tweet is going viral, retweet it to associate yourself with it.  As Twitter continues to grow, it takes more work to keep your account optimized.  These tips are several ways to help grow your following.

Professional Resumes for All Employees

Just because an individual is applying for a very basic job doesn't necessarily mean that their resume isn't important and for individuals who are seeking the best employment possible in any industry, obtaining assistance from Simply Great Resumes is highly beneficial. A resume is often going to be one of the first elements offered to a company regarding impressions and having a resume that looks great can go a long way to getting that document to the top of the pile. A well-written resume can be the difference between an interview or having no contact from a company.

Preparing Well for Job Applications

Landing a new job can be a terrific opportunity to find advanced employment and improve the amount of money being earned by a particular individual and with listings Employment Elite, it's possible to find the perfect new job. Some of the most important elements of searching for a new job may involve the preparation that might be in play for the new job such as the tidying up of the resume and other options related to how a person is perceived by potential employers. Much of the success for a new job comes from working well with a new employer.

Jun 29


With the explosion of social media site it was only a matter of time before internet giant Google threw its hat into the ring.  Google+ was launched as the social media arm of Google.  It was received quietly, not much of a surprise in an internet landscape where social media has been dominated by the ever present giant Facebook.  However, Google+ has gained momentum lately prompting attempts by many businesses to optimize their presence on this internet giant’s social media website.  Google+ offers a platform different from that of Facebook.  It is a more adult version, focused on professionals and businesses.  This offers the perfect opportunity for some serious marketing potential.  There are several key things you should be aware of when working to optimize your presence on Google+.

Brand Name as the Page Title

When optimizing you Google+ site it is extremely important to include the name of your product in the title of the page.  Title tags are very important and carry a lot of weight in search engine optimization.  Include a casual keyword in you Google+ name section.  Refrain from using keywords that may shame you whenever you use your Google+ page account to comment on something.

Meta Description

Your Meta description is the description that appears directly below your brand name.   You should include your keywords inside to help you rank better for those keywords in Google+’s “Search Plus Your World”.

Introduction Section

The introduction serves as the body of your Google+ page.  This section is where you should put all the information you want other people to know about your company.  You should also include your primary keywords in a way that is strategically subtle.  Be sure you also take advantage of the section’s ability to let you write in a bulleted format making your section more reader-friendly.


The photos section allows you to post up to five main photos that visitors to your site will see whenever they visit.  This gives you the chance to upload photos with your keys words in them.  It will also give you profile a clean and complete look.  be sure to include professional photos.  Save the personal ones for Facebook.

Recommended Links

The recommended links section allows you to post any link you like.   In order to optimize your Google+ page, I advise putting in links up that are only directly relevant to your Google+ Page and keywords. Put in links to your other social network profiles, blog, website, or resources.  The recommended links section is a great way to build brad recognition through your social network.

Update Frequently

Be sure to keep the content on your Google+ page fresh.  Try to update it at least once every two days.  If people see that there is something happening on your Google+ page, it indicates that it is active.  Google will also notice that there is something going on with your Google+ page and chances are, that will help move you up in the “Search Plus Your World” results.

Promote your Google+ Page

For Google= to be any use at all you need to grow your circle.  You need to find people to add you up.  The more people in your circle, or who give you plus ones, will move you up in the search results.  This is the most important thing to do when attempting to optimize your Google+ page.

Google+ plus, like all social networks, is a tool that you must make work for you.  it requires understanding and attention to fully master.  These tips are only several things you can do to try to optimize your account.  To take full advantage of the social network you need to be active.  While you are creating your account take the time to experiment with different settings.  Make you page look professional and attractive.  Be sure that reflects the message you want to sending about your brand.  All of the tips laid out above are great for getting page views, but once you get people to your site you need the information to be readily available.  Do not bore your visitors with a long, mundane, introduction.  Keep it short and sweet.  Be sure that your use of key words is not obvious.  Google+ can be an invaluable tool for internet marketing and advertising.  To fully harness its utility you need to work hard and smart to master it.


Examining Equipment Expansion Options

There are usually two ways that a company will get new equipment and one way is to sell old equipment and obtain new equipment with the proceeds along with asset equipment leasing at ExponentialFinance.com while the other way is to add to the current allotment of equipment by leasing or purchasing new machines. Both methods have their advantages, but it often requires updating a business plan or expected profits for the company so as to decide whether additional equipment would offer some benefit or whether new equipment that was more advanced would be a better way to go.

Changing Graphics on a Website

When you're getting graphics made for your website, you'll want to remember to get different sizes and shapes of graphics that you'll be able to use in a variety of different areas on your website. www.howtogetonline.tips suggests that a graphic designer should give you an estimated cost for the project along with a list of all the different graphics included in the project. One thing you'll want to include in the order is a graphic option that features a "lossless" file option so that you can resize the graphic on your own at a later date if need be. 

Jun 29


It seems that everyone and everything these days has a Facebook page.  For businesses looking to capitalize on advertisement revenue. there are several ways to make Facebook work for you.  No matter what you want to get out of optimizing your Facebook page there are several easy features that can be utilized.  By utilizing these features to your advantage you can represent  your brand in the best way possible.  In the ever changing world of internet marketing it is always important to stay one step ahead of the competition.  By utilizing these steps you will ensure that the message you want your brand to reflect is properly presented to your targeted clientele.


1. Featured Photos

Pictures are, and always have been, a staple of Facebook success.  Utilizing them correctly can be an invaluable asset to optimizing your Facebook page.  Any photo that you upload to Facebook automatically appears in the featured photo feed at the top of your page.  The featured photo page is a list of five pictures that will change every time someone lands on your page.  This can be utilized in various creative ways for branding purposes.  However, you need to keep in mind that the photos change order randomly every time a visitor views your page.  Because of this you need to be careful that the photos project the same message no matter what order they are viewed in.  Pictures are uploaded to the strip whenever you upload them.  Images you add to your wall as part of a status update are also automatically added to the featured photos.  To delete them from the strip you must click on them as they appear.  They will be removed from the featured photos but not your albums.

2. The Left Side Links Panel

Every Facebook page has a panel of links that run vertically along the left side of the screen.  When clicked they open an application right in your Facebook page.  Every page comes with three default application links: wall, info, and photos.  Of those three only “photos” is removable.  You can install as many other applications as you would like.  You can create applications using iframes.  It is important to keep in mind that only eight applications will be viewable when a visitor first arrives at your page.  The rest will be listed “below the fold” under a “more” button.  You will want make sure that your most important applications are listed prominently above the “more” button to ensure easy access by the user.

3.  Rolling Feedback

When you are logged in as an administrator, Facebook makes it very easy to view feedback on everything you post.  This allows you to spot trends of interaction on your page by content type, time of day, or frequency.  The numbers will not show for roughly twelve hours after you post the content.  Once an initial level of popularity of the content has been determined that number will change over time reflecting how that item is trending.

4. Featured Links

Under the left hand links panel there is a section of five featured links.  This will display up to five other brand pages that you have “liked”.  Facebook altered the way it approaches brands.  You can now log in and browse Facebook as either an individual from your personal account or logged in as an administrator of your brand page.  This offers brands the opportunity to interact as individuals.  Brand pages can now like certain things and leave comments.  This gives you the opportunity to express the voice of your brand, allowing you to represent your brand in the best way possible.  It is possible for you to set five links that you have like to be featured so they do not randomly rotate.  This is an excellent way to associate your brand with other pages.

5. Wall Tab Layouts can be Different

Facebook allows administrators to choose the default wall layout that their visitors will view.  Administrators can choose between “Most Recent” or “Page”.  The “Most Recent” setting shows all posts made in chronological order.  The “Page” setting shows only posts made by the administrator of the page.  Many brands opt to use the “Page” setting.  Allowing any random fan to post on the brands wall can lead to clutter and associate the brand with unwanted opinions.  However, as the administrator, by setting the default view to “Page” you do not entirely erase what your fans post.  You can still view their posts by clicking into the “Most Recent” feed.  It is important that you stay on top of this feed.  You need to interact with fan attempting to communicate with you.


In today’s world dominated by social media it is important to come up with a strategic plan to optimize your business across these social networks.  Facebook is the most prominent social network in the world and offers a variety of options for people looking to build and market their brand.  These are simply several helpful tips to help you achieve better internet marketing.  It is important that you investigate all that Facebook has to offer businesses.  When you are first creating you brand’s page experiment and play around with different settings.  Be sure to stay on top of your page and add new content.  Nothing will hurt your brand more than becoming stale and outdated.  Their are millions of users on Facebook.  If you use the platform right it is a great way to expand your brand.